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Wild Bill Hickok is a bronze sculpture by local artist Erik Christianson. Wild Bill greets visitors along Boerne’s Main Street at Main Plaza. Visitors and locals are often seen posing with Wild Bill for a memorable photograph.






























Artist Erik Christianson grew up on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands, where he first developed an interest in sculpture.  In 1979 he moved to San Antonio, Texas where he received two scholarships to study sculpture at the McNay Art Institute and enrolled into the Artists Alliance.


Erik’s work reflects a deep interest in creating historically accurate figures.   During his career he has studied every aspect of creating and manufacturing bronze sculptures. While working in an art foundry for 10 years, he learned all aspects of the foundry process to insure maximum quality in his work.


Over the years Erik has received many notable commissions from prestigious organizations such as the United States Horse Cavalry, the Vaqueros Association, the First Cavalry Division, the United States Naval Academy, The United States Air Force Academy, and Brooks Army Medical Center. The scope of these sculptures has ranged from bas-reliefs, portraits, and full-length figures, to 150% life size figures.


 Erik lives in the Texas Hill Country with his wife, Elena and son, Kai.



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