2017 - 2018 Art al Fresco

Public Art Competition



Elizabeth Akamatsu, Nacogdoches, TX


From her studio in Nacogdoches, Texas, Elizabeth Akamatsu works as a full-time artist. Her primary medium is metal and she has been working on large-scale works that are inspired by the geological rosette formation known as "the desert rose." “I create lacy planes from metal and weld them together like a jigsaw puzzle to create forms that are visually light and delicate, yet structurally strong and resilient. I have an aesthetic that reflects my Japanese heritage. My art strives to celebrate a passion for precision and beauty, and a reverence for the marvels of nature. My goal is to create a sense of awe and wonder.” Starry Night is located at the Cibolo Trailhead near Ye Kendall Inn at 128 West Blanco Road.




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