2017 - 2018 Art al Fresco

Public Art Competition

Stainless Steel Sentinel


The sculpture Stainless Steel Sentinel by artist Rollin Karg is located on the Boerne City Campus at 451 N. Main Street.  Karg is from Kechi, Kansas, and is a renowned glass artisan who makes sculptural pieces that include beautiful hand blown glass.  “I have been working in glass and metal for more than 30 years, and about 12 years ago I started making Public Art. Creating and designing for special locations is exciting but physically seeing my work in the outdoor setting really makes me feel like I have made an impact in the world. Seeing the stunning effect that glass and metal has on the landscape is pure joy. Glass is so durable that people forget it has been out of doors since the beginning of its creation. Art is like a rocket full of our hopes, dreams, and history that shoots into the future for all generations to come.”


Website:  http://www.rollinkarg.com/index.html   Facebook:  Karg Art Glass


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