2017 - 2018 Art al Fresco

Public Art Competition



Patricia Vader, Martinez, CA


Patricia Vader’s Solar Wind is constructed of steel and aluminum.  The sculpture is located adjacent to Highway 46 at the Cibolo Trail Pedestrian Bridge close to the Agricultural Heritage Museum in City Park.  Vader says of her work, “Art is the outlet for my imagination and my preferred means of communication. I love all forms of expression, be it music, dance, architecture, movies, writing, cooking or many others. My own mode of expression is distinctly visual. I live as an attentive observer of the treasures around me. There is always something to see and appreciate that fills me with joy and wonder and feeds the urge to create a vision of my own. I strive to make art that is fun and exciting and filled with motion and light, the kind that people stop to look at and then pause to think about. My message is that art is there to be enjoyed. An often repeated comment is that my work brings joy to the viewer, or a smile, or a moment of levity. The positive feedback from the general public is as stimulating to me as the applause for a live performer.”




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