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Land of the Cheyenne was donated to the citizens of Boerne in 2014 by Brenda Shaddox of Boerne.    The sculpture was originally a gift that Charlie and Brenda Shaddox gave to one another as a wedding anniversary.


Land of the Cheyenne is an abstract bronze created by renowned wildlife sculptor, Jonathan Bronson (1952-2009).    It is approximately 7’ in length and more than 5’ high and is located along the Heart of Boerne Trail behind City Center.





















Jonathan Bronson was a self-taught sculptor who formulated his own direction early in life.  His love of nature, sensitivity and natural talent propelled him to prominence as a wildlife sculptor.  A native of Utah, Jonathan created “Going for Gold” for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.  His works also are in public and private collections throughout the world.  Among his other works, he designed the “Official Eagle” scout award presented by the Boy Scouts of America to many notable world leaders.




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