2017 - 2018 Art al Fresco

Public Art Competition

in a pinch


Steve Southerland, Lawton, OK


In a Pinch is located at the Currey Trailhead near Boerne’s Parks and Recreation office at 1017 Adler Street.  It was created of steel and a glacier-formed cobblestone by Steve Southerland.  “My father was a sculptor and painter. When I was 7, he put my first wax sculpting kit in my hands. He also placed a welding torch in my hand shortly thereafter and the love of creating was birthed within my soul.  I have worked with many different mediums: bronze, wood, steel, and ‘Coastal Board.’ I designed and built home furnishings, restaurant decor and sculpted work in bronze as well as steel. I have steel sculptures throughout the southwestern U.S. My love of art and my curiosity continues to grow and try new mediums. I find my imagination is endless and ever evolving. Inspiration comes from everything I see and everywhere I go.“






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