2017 - 2018 Art al Fresco

Public Art Competition



Dewane Hughes, Troup, TX


Foundation of the Doo Dah is the steel creation of Dewane Hughes of Troup, TX and is located on the Old No. 9 Trail at 607 East Blanco.  Hughes is an Associate Professor of Sculpture at the University of Texas at Tyler. “My work has always dealt with language. Influenced heavily by the poets of the Beat Generation, as well as subsequent linguistic scholars, I try to create a formal reality that speaks to the essence of communication.  It is from this perspective that I try to create sculpture that is a manifestation of the space between language, and how we perceive a message. The method of delivery is as important as the message that is delivered, and it is this concept that directs my many creative decisions, such as material, compositional considerations, etc.”


Website:  http://dewanehughesart.com



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