2017 - 2018 Art al Fresco

Public Art Competition



Joe Sackett


Joe Sackett’s work is “often abstract and sometimes geometrically based. Themes are varied. Wit is important. “I believe that art has teeth, and can bite. It should be provocative. However, the work must also beguile, since provocation without beauty or charm is in the end hollow. I value craftsmanship, so I take pleasure in doing my own labor. I work mostly with steel, although I use other media, such as wood, as well.” Techniques include welding, forging, casting, and carving.  See Four, Three, Two, One at the Cibolo Creek Trailhead near the Ye Kendall Inn at 128 West Blanco Road.


Website:  http://www.Joe-Forrest-Sackett.30art.com




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